I'm Mel and I'm here to help you catalyze your career.

When I graduated with my engineering degrees, I had four job offers on the table.

I didn’t have to apply to get a single one of them.

How did I do it?

I didn’t get those offers from being top of the class.

I got those offers through strategic relationship building: networking.

Relationships are the foundation of how we can achieve our largest career ambitions and it is entirely missing in the standard engineering curriculum.

As I’ve watched numerous young engineers continue to struggle with this and other fundamental aspects of their engineering career, I decided to create Underdog Engineers as a resource to help you grow in your early career.

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Underdog Engineers

An intensive, live course. You will work with a cohort of other early-career engineers to sharpen your resume, gain confidence in what you offer to an employer, and learn to strategically network.


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