A better way to find a job... - Mel Butcher joins Ben Walpole on the ASCE Plot Points podcast

job hunt job search Nov 09, 2021
Mel Butcher, Mel Butcher's Underdog Engineers Blog ASCE Plot Points

On today's episode of the American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) Plot Points podcast, Mel joins Ben Walpole to talk about how early-career engineers can be smarter in their job hunt. Have a listen wherever you find podcasts:


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Doors close for the next Underdog Engineers CATALYZE course on December 11, 2021. Catalyze is for early-career engineering job hunters. In Catalyze, you'll learn to draw opportunity to you, rather than falling down the resume and online job application black hole. Sessions will run over holiday break, with live lessons on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings for 3 weeks.

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