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communication job hunt job search Nov 15, 2021
As a person who reviews applications, I'm not a fan of Cover Letters. But, I realize some organizations still require them.
What organizations will often be looking for in a Cover Letter is that the candidate has proper (in the mind of the reader) written communication skills. 
It's also a potential opportunity for a candidate to tell part of their story in a more narrative way than they're able to on their resume. 
Here are some quick Cover Letter tips for early-career engineers:
  • Do not use a template. By using letter templates, you risk leaning on tired, overused language that has no real tether to the uniqueness of you (the resume equivalent of "detail and results oriented professional" <-- no one wants to read that).
  • Instead of a template, find an outline or framework that is simple and you feel comfortable with to tell your story. For example, three paragraphs: 1) introduce your passion for ___ work, 2) tell your short story, 3) conclude by emphasizing your passion, dedication, and/or interest in learning more about how you might contribute to the position.
  • The cover letter can be a chance to showcase yourself and really stand out from the other applicants *if you have a compelling story about why you're interested in the job, why you're passionate about the field, etc. One short story is enough, it shouldn't be a novel.
  • Have someone with good writing and grammar skills review the whole letter before you convert it to pdf and submit it. Your university might have a career support office with a resource like this. If not, have a friend who is writing-savvy give it a once over.

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