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job hunt job search resumes Jun 22, 2021
Mel Butcher, Mel Butcher's Underdog Engineers Blog, Black Hole

Creating relationships is hard work.

I get it.

It's a lot easier to sling the same email, the same LinkedIn message, the same information on job applications - over and over and over.

Slinging copy after copy into the electronic void.

It's easier because it allows us to tell ourselves a story - a story about how "we tried".

Throwing our resume into an electronic blackhole.

Is that the story we want to tell ourselves?

And is that where the story ends?

Choosing to take the approach to network, to build relationships may seem as though it will take longer. But that is only a perception. A professional network is the foundation of a career, not just a thing for extroverts. And a network is more likely to help you land a role you will love rather than one you feel compelled to settle for.

How might you begin building one important relationship today?

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